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Welcome to Masterpiece Show Dogs.Great Danes and French Bulldogs.... not the most expected combination of dogs one might expect to share your life with. But here at Masterpiece we are quite in love with the two extremes. The Great Dane is a giant breed, one that is powerful, yet elegant at the same time. Great Danes are gentle giants, dignified, sweet, kind, and affectionate, and only become aggressive when circumstances require it. A steady dog, responsible, and dependable.French Bulldogs are a dwarfed breed, powerful in their own right, but elegant is not the first term that comes to mind in describing a Frenchie. The French Bulldog thinks he is a giant and lets everyone know it. They are little clowns and so much fun to have around. Masterpiece has the pleasure of living with one of the most elegant, giant of dog breeds and at the other extreme, one of the most comical and more compact of the breeds.