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I have been in love with Great Danes since I was a kid watching Scooby-Doo. I use to tell my parents that I

would have 12 of them someday and they would laugh and tell me I was dreaming. Well when I was 16, I finally talked them into getting a Great Dane. I didn't know much about bloodlines and what breeders are good breeders so unfortunately my first Dane died by the time he was a year old, but I knew that this was my breed and I would always have them in my life. My first show Dane was a fawn boy from Sasdania Great Danes named Sasdania's Days of Thunder. Thunder hated showing but I got the bug, so back to Steve and got a Harl boy Sasdania's Masterpiece, Mister. He was pointed but never finished. So back to Steve for my first girl, Sasdania's Cleo V Masterpiece, Cleo became a Canadian and American Champion by the time she was two. She gave us our first litter and our dogs today from this line and back to my Cleo. It's hard to believe that it all started with a fawn guy that stole my heart!